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Size: A1
Material :Material: Crayon /sanguinea pastel / sepia pastel /nankin / crayon 
Paper Type :Fabrianno artistico  300gm2
execution time:  18 hours 
Date : DEC 2015

sábado, 19 de abril de 2014

Size: A1
Material :Material: Crayon / oil pastel 
Paper Type: Fabrianno 5 300gm2
execution time:  6 hours 
Date : April 2014
Material :Material: Nankin pen / Dry pastel /Crayon
Paper Type: Fabrianno Artistico
execution time:  9 hours 
Date : JJuly 2013

Size: A1 
Material :Crayon / Dry pastel 
Paper Type: Fabrianno 5 300gm2
execution time:  15 hours 
Date : November 2013

Size: A1 
Material : Crayon / Oil pastel 
Paper Type: Fabrianno 5 300gm2
execution time:  20 hours 
Date :March 2014

Size: A1 
Material :Material: Crayon / Ecoline Sepia
Paper Type: Fabrianno 5 300gm2
execution time:  20 hours 
Date :June  2013

Size: A1
Material :Material: Crayon / oil pastel 
Paper Type: Fabrianno 5 300gm2
execution time:  9 hours 
Date : January 2014

sexta-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2013

Head Drawing

Size: Real Head Size 
Material :Material: Nankin pen / Dry pastel 
Paper Type: Fabrianno 5 300gm2
execution time:  3 hours 
Date : January 2013

quinta-feira, 13 de dezembro de 2012

Size: 0,56 X 0,76 meters
Material :Material: Crayon pencil / Dark Stone/ watercolour / Dry pastel
Paper Type: Fabrianno Artistico TW 300gm2
execution time:  9 hours
Date : September 2012

terça-feira, 7 de agosto de 2012

Some new drawings 2

Size: 0,56X0,76 meters
Material :Material: Dry Pastel \ Crayon pencil
Paper Type: Fabrianno Artistico TW 300grm2 
execution time:  90 minutes
Date : June  2012

Some new drawings

Size:  0,56 X 0,76 meters
Material :Material: Crayon pencil / Dark Stone/ watercolour / Dry pastel  
Paper Type: Fabrianno Artistico TW 300gm2
execution time:  6 hours 
Date : July 2012

sábado, 23 de junho de 2012

first time lapse... test ....

Just a time lapse i did yesterday.... i will try to put some music in the next one

sexta-feira, 18 de maio de 2012


Why the woman appears to be lying down?

This is called foreshorten , and is used a lot in drawing....
It will occur when the object have a relative depth from the person that is drawing , so the parts that is close will be bigger than the parts that is far away.
i usually see a lot of drawings , and think : There is something wrong in this drawing ...;the model don't appear to be lying down, she appears do be " stand " in a lying down position.... as like she was hanged by wires in a crazy puppet show ! Unfortunately this kind of bad drawing is very very common. Foreshorten is specially tricky because your brain knows that for example the distance from toe to the pubis is more or less half way from pubis to the top of your head , but when draw you have to forget about you know to do only what you are seeing, otherwise the drawing in a foreshorten position will never be right , so the figure will never appear to be lying down.

if you observe a children drawing , you will notice that the children will represent what they know that exist , not what they are seeing or recalling. When you ask a kid to draw a side-face head , they usually put two eyes , and two ears ... because they know that a face have two eyes, so the mix it up. this can be in the four wheel of a car or four sides of a house , etc . We adults are not so naive, but in foreshorten , our brain try to mistaken us a lot .

at the first images you can notice how big is the difference between the first plane and the backplane. See how any feet( because the are closer to me) is bigger than the point of the top of hip to the top of the head .     
in the second image is just the opposite, the block of the closer hand and head has the same size in vertical as the top of the higher ear to the higher hand( higher point on paper) , alone the head have almost the size in vertical as the two thighs and finally how the closer hand is much bigger in comparison the farther hand.  

quarta-feira, 16 de maio de 2012


Yesterday , when i was writing the other post  i just notice this one more construct "coincidence"  that i want to show to you. This drawing had some  PARALLELISM  that help the composition to have a better fit in the eye.

terça-feira, 15 de maio de 2012

some analysis

Sometimes i talk/write a lot of abtract  things of the drawing , now i want to show how we can use and identify this things:

Exemple 1: the blue arrow is where your eye is expected to enter in this drawing, the foot is not so well constructed and there is less shading too, making some kind of invitation for the spectator to enter thru. The blue line is the rithm that your eyes will imperceptible make across the figure .   

Exemple 2: The diagonal draw in red is the principal line force that holds and balances this drawing , when you  see from far away or in just a glimpse. it has all abou the first impression of the drawing

Exemple 3 : Is the geometrization of the principal part of the figure , i specially thing in this to help me construc the shape .

quick study

This is a very quick study that i did in the back of a old paper , i wasnt expecting anything but i liked the result.

Size: A1 (1,0X0,7 meters)
Material :Material: Wax Pastel \ Crayon pencil 
Paper Type: Fabrianno Rosaspina / "Red"
execution time:  45 minutes
Date : Feberuary 2012

Bandeira New WebSite

This is the masters of masters  Lydio Bandeira de Mello , in my opinion he is the best drawing artist that ever lived in the face of planet earth... in great shape  he will do 83 years in next june. And now he is launching a new website with lots of his work...

Check it out


segunda-feira, 14 de maio de 2012

Finished ????


After a graphyte outline, i taited part of  the paper with this ocre watercolour , than start to use crayon and dry pastel ..... this drawing is almost finished  next session i will do minor modifications and will be done

Allegria final

Step 3/3

Ok, this is the final step . In this moment i just do the finishing and make some lines more "important"/ "elegant"  than others. The shades that was outside the model was worked in a more softy way than inside the model ... this softy shade is the only part of the drawing that recived a diferent treatment ... and the way it was put on the paper make your eyes do like a snake movement across the paper , starting on the feet and stoping at the head .

Size: A1 (1,0X0,7 meters)
Material :Material: Brown pencil of dry Pastel \ Crayon pencil
Paper Type: Fabriano 5 / 300 gm2 grana fina 
execution time: 9 sections of 45 minutes
Date : April 2012 

Allegria 2

Step 2/3

In this second moment ( another day ) , I decide what to do and what not to do , I had decided that i will put some effort in one foot and will leave the other in outline  making the entrance for the eye of spectator , and will do a high contrast with overexposed light   (note that the real light in the model was the normal day light /  i did this fictional shading just to enhance the drama in the drawing). In the superior part i just let more " abandoned " or more "simple"  to not dispute attention with the lower part.   


Step 1/3

This is the start of my process of drawing.... usualy i take a few moments to think about the composition and how the model will fit better in the page.... after that i make some very light  outline with a graphyte pencil 6Bbecause is easier to erase if a conception error happens .... and than i start to fill the dark areas and line the darker lines  , in this case with crayon black pencil and brown dry pastel pencil.   

Back in Game

Long time without post anything, but never stop doing my drawing duty !!!

Size: A1  (1,0X0,7 meters)
Material :Material: Wax Pastel  \ Crayon pencil \ diluted with C6H6
Paper Type: Unbranded white paper / aproxx 100gm2
execution time: 9 sections of 45 minutes
 Date : Feberuary 2012

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2 figuras / lapis de cera

Description : Two live nude models , This was done in diferent sections .... first i did the one in the right in a 3 hour section and then i did  the left in another section of 3 hours in a diferent day.

Paper Type: Fabriano 5 / 350 gm2  grana fina
Paper Size : A1 - 100X70 cm
Material: Wax Pastel / Oil Pastel \ Crayon \  diluted with C6H6

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The Virgin Suicides

Vcs já viram este filme ? Ele é assustador , me deu pesadelos ontem ( sem brincadeira ) . Sobre o desenho : este e o de cima sao pasteis oleosos diluidos com benzina e crayon !!!

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Fabriano Artistico 100% algodao - formato A1 ( 100X70 cm ) Crayon e Pastel seco

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Esse foi só um dia , mais ou menos em 2 horas e meia

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Patricia na cadeira final

estudo de paginacao/cabecas

Este aí tá finalizado ..... a partir de hoje vou tentar reduzir o tamanho das imagens que eu ponho no blog //// meu objetico com isso é que se consiga ter uma visualizacao completa quando a imagem for maximizada . Esse eu reduzi em 50% se ainda ficar grande , eu reduzo mais os proximos. As tres cabecas do desenho te o mesmo tamanho que por sinal é o tamanho natural da cabeca da modelo. Acho que é mais uma coisa que dá verosimemelhança ao retrato. Poderia dizer que sao tres coisas : A ESTRUTURA é o fundamental , a COR da pele e a textura de cada tipo de pele e o tamanho original dessa cabeca.