terça-feira, 15 de maio de 2012

some analysis

Sometimes i talk/write a lot of abtract  things of the drawing , now i want to show how we can use and identify this things:

Exemple 1: the blue arrow is where your eye is expected to enter in this drawing, the foot is not so well constructed and there is less shading too, making some kind of invitation for the spectator to enter thru. The blue line is the rithm that your eyes will imperceptible make across the figure .   

Exemple 2: The diagonal draw in red is the principal line force that holds and balances this drawing , when you  see from far away or in just a glimpse. it has all abou the first impression of the drawing

Exemple 3 : Is the geometrization of the principal part of the figure , i specially thing in this to help me construc the shape .

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