segunda-feira, 14 de maio de 2012

Allegria final

Step 3/3

Ok, this is the final step . In this moment i just do the finishing and make some lines more "important"/ "elegant"  than others. The shades that was outside the model was worked in a more softy way than inside the model ... this softy shade is the only part of the drawing that recived a diferent treatment ... and the way it was put on the paper make your eyes do like a snake movement across the paper , starting on the feet and stoping at the head .

Size: A1 (1,0X0,7 meters)
Material :Material: Brown pencil of dry Pastel \ Crayon pencil
Paper Type: Fabriano 5 / 300 gm2 grana fina 
execution time: 9 sections of 45 minutes
Date : April 2012 

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